Ms Diiorio has also worked with me on various aspects of evaluation and curriculum development. I have appreciated her honest and insightful assessments, observations and feedback. She has also offered good ideas about how to progress my work and tackle problems. She has helped me to locate, adapt and apply ideas from a range of sources – reflecting her wealth of knowledge and experience as Head of Department and Consultant, as well as in the classroom. It was as a result of this work that Ms Diiorio was asked to support our Across the Curriculum Literacy group. This involved her exploring issues with a range of subject staff, participating in Learning Walks and working with us on addressing broad teaching and learning issues. Her contribution was well received and provoked some interesting and helpful debate, resulting, ultimately, in our Learning and Literacy policy.

Head of English Bath & North East Somerset LA January 2011

Sonia Diiorio's support and guidance have been invaluable over the last two years. Her warm, approachable manner and her endless enthusiasm have resulted in her being incredibly well received by staff and students alike at our school. Last year, she worked with two of the team to develop ways in which we could raise the number of A*s in English, with really positive results. Sonia has the ability to make the more complex aspects of the National Curriculum both accessible and applicable. Rather than being deterred by new initiatives and schemes, she sees these as an opportunity to improve and progress students' learning. Having been a teacher and a Head of English herself, she is all too aware of the pressures teachers are under and therefore ensures that her suggestions for improvements are ambitious yet achievable. I cannot recommend her highly enough as a consultant.

Head of English Bath & North East Somerset - November 2010

Sonia's help and support has been an integral part of our department over the past two years. She has assisted with planning for progression, in particular for our Post Ofsted Action Plan. Sonia has assisted in observations, ensuring that there is appropriate feedback for staff, and her responses have always been positive. Sonia has also prepared materials for all English subject Leaders in BANES, which has been most helpful when integrating APP and the new GCSE specifications within the curriculum. The meetings have been well constructed and Sonia has ensured that there is sharing of good practice.

Head of English Bath & North East Somerset - December 2010

Last year, in the role of Literacy consultant for B&NES, Sonia Dilorio supported me with my teaching of a reasonably bright, but very challenging Year 11 group. I was very impressed with the quality and originality of her ideas. As well as observing my teaching and giving practical and usable feedback, she was also prepared to team teach, as well as working with small groups and individuals. The help and support she provided made a real difference, with the majority of the class reaching their targets. Her calm and steady approach inspired confidence in the students and I am convinced that without her support they would not have done so well.

Teacher of English Bath & North East Somerset - December 2010

Thank you for yesterday. Staff were fairly 'buzzing' after you left which is a great sign. I think they all felt more positive and not so worried about what they were doing. They do find you very approachable as well as knowledgeable.

Inclusion Support Service Bath & North East Somerset